The Chemical Attack

The question of who committed the Ghouta massacre, and whether Sarin gas was used or not, should not be be relevant in my opinion. It does not matter how civilians are being killed, or who is actually killing them; what matters is that they are being killed. I feel like we should have reached this conclusion a long time ago.

In Syria, both the regime and the rebels (especially those from HASI andJ abhat El-Nusra) are committing massacres against civilians. The Shabiha (funded and trained by the regime) infiltrated the Syrian society, and are killing people mercilessly for a mere disagreement with a regime official. Their tanks surround cities and villages, and their scud missiles do not discriminate between civilians or rebels.

The HASI and Jabhat El-Nusra rebels have already proven their ferocity through several incidents of public executions that involved maiming, amputations, and flesh eating. They've installed checkpoints on various main roads in the country, and when one of their prisoners fail to answer the rudimentary question "how many raka'as are in the Fajir prayer?" he's immediately executed.

If Russia, Iran and China continue to support the regime politically, diplomatically and militarily, and if the Gulf States continue to support murderous Salafi groups, then, I promise that crisis will not end any time soon. More people, will be killed, displaced, and a whole generation will be condemned to poverty, destitutions, crime, and all types of economic and social instabilities.


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