My Name

My name is Omar Shaban. I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful last name with various connotations that you will find interesting if you like philology. In English, it can be spelled as Shaban, Chaban, Shaaban, Chaaban, Sha'ban, and Cha'ban (although the last two are very rare).

There is no conspiracy to conceal who I am. I am Omar Shaban, the son of Abdullah Shaban, the son of Mustafa Shaban, the son of Ali Shaban from the tiny Palestinian village of Jahula, which sits around 11 km north of occupied Safad. I was born in Vancouver, and spent my teenage life shuttling between the beautiful Biqa' valley, the mighty coast of Tripoli and the persevere Nahr El-Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

I am born Canadian, but I consider myself as Palestinian by identity, Lebanese by upbringing, Syrian by affection, and Arab by heritage.

I appreciate your thoughts and comments on what I write.


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