An Ad to Join the PFLP

Are you skilled in creating fiery yet meaningless slogans?
Are you looking for meaning where none exists?
Are you a person who likes to convince people that he's a principled man of honour when you're nothing more than a political opportunist?
Are you interested in amplifying your significance while denigrating that of others?
Do you like words that end with -ism?

Join the now-dysfunctional and unprincipled PFLP where the relevant is irrelevant, and the irrelevant is ... well ... somehow made relevant ...

Not-Really-Fine Print:
1) Must be born some time before the 70s, and have the capacity to trap your mind in an imagined past while ignoring the realities of the present.
2) Must be a supreme reactionary with minimum capacity to come up with constructive solutions.
3) Must think that anything that happens anytime anywhere in the world is a neo-colonialist Zionist imperialist hegemonic conspiracy to conquer the world. These include by are not limited to: global warming, the Syrian revolution, pollution and the war against Christmas.


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