A General Overview of the Liberal and Socialist Role in Egypt

A General Overview: 
  1. They did not have a clear vision or idea of how a post-Mubarak Egypt is going to look like.
  2. They excitedly jumped into the hollow and foreign notion of liberal democracy without any assessment of what that exactly means in a post-dictatorship society.
  3. They ran a flimsy election campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood. Their promises had absolutely no depth, their arguments for reform were at best wishful thinking, and they did not have a proper strategy on how to communicate with all Egyptians (not just sympathetic supporters).
  4. They dedicated all their resources (financial and otherwise) to embarrass a democratically elected president.
  5. They concocted elaborate schemes with the media in order to cause further destabilization. 
  6. They worked with an army in order to topple a sitting president.
  7. After the removal of the president, they began vicious demonization campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood using American and Israeli terminology like "the war on terror."
  8. One of the main alleged crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood is supporting the Palestinians and the Syrians - a very shameful, deceitful and divisive tactic.
  9. Instead of demanding that the army take the back seat and isolate itself from politics, the liberals and socialists (motivated by supreme thirst for power) actively encouraged the army to do whatever it takes to end the protests against its illegal coup.

There are two types of oppositions:

1) One that opposes government policies, is forthcoming with its criticism, demands change and reform based on a clear vision and strategy, and considers national interests as paramount over any personal fantasies,

2) and one that actively incites hatred, unrest and instability. Its primary interest is how to attain power by any means possible even if that means disrupting the lives and livelihoods of many others in order to do that.

The events in Egypt have made is more than clear that the opposition belongs to the second category. Therefore, they are not fit to run a country, nor are they fit to call themselves Egyptian patriots. 


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